Interesting Games To Play

Android gamesEver since the advent of smartphones enabled with a plethora of helpful functions, there has been a great shift in the gaming scene, as more and more people end the world of smartphone gaming, mainly on Android and leaving behind the use of consoles. So here are a few appealing Android games that you should surely check out:

1. Brave Frontier: A role playing based game that has been making headlines all around the world thanks to its interesting game-play that keeps the user hooked for hours on the go. Involving various challenges, quests and obstacles along with over 200 legendary heroes and mystical beasts, it is one heck of a game that everyone will enjoy playing, no matter the age group! You can go through this Brave Frontier walkthrough if you need any help with it.

2. Clash of Clans: Another super interesting game that is liked by lacs of people since it involves the use of strategy to combat against enemy clans and crush them to the ground. Players can also build their villages, train their troops and engage in battles with millions of players online! Definitely a game worth checking out and playing whenever you are free or have some spare time to spend on it. And yes if you were wondering, it is free!

3. Staying Healthy Games: Do you play a game called staying healthy? It is a game which is extremely important from health point of view. You can check out this website to understand what I am talking about:

4. Dragon City: These days we only remember dragons from reading about them in books or play games which involve them like the one here. A Facebook developer which is very famous, with almost 10 million players have developed a very nice game on dragons. It is a game where you get a chance to learn about dragons, history and how they all existed and worked. It is a game where you can use dragons in combats, tournaments, feed them, grow them, in all take all the care about dragons. Very fun game to play if you are interested in history and dragons.

One thing I’ve always been fond off is reading about the past and history. It has always enthused my mind to know about things that really does not exist or happen anymore. Dragons is one of my fascination to read about. Sometimes I wish they existed but the kind of dangers they brought in this world, I’d rather hope they never come back.